Camping Safari in Tanzania: 3 Options for Immersing Yourself in the Serengeti

Camping safari in Tanzania

When you dream about going on safari, do you picture yourself sleeping in the bush while listening to the sounds of the lions, hyenas and elephants?  Does that excite or terrify you or are you somewhere in between? Do you dream of walking among the zebras, giraffes, and gazelle? This can safely become a reality […]

Wildlife Photography

photo 1 Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography NORTHLAND TANZANIA SAFARIS |  EXPERIENCE Zoom Your Lens! Be it from a smartphone to the latest Nikon Bazooka, these days everyone will be snapping away. Our guides too, in fact, are all passionate about photography and are well versed in the subject. By both foot and vehicle, they will assist you to get […]

Fly Camping

camp 3 Fly Camping

Fly Camping NORTHLAND TANZANIA SAFARIS |  EXPERIENCE Sleep under the stars of African Sky! Offering a unique experience of sleeping under the stars, out in the wilderness, fly camping is perfect for those looking to really ‘experience’ the bush up close. Basic, but comfortable camps will be set up for groups usually private and to […]

Birding Watching

bird 3 Birding Watching

Birding Watching NORTHLAND TANZANIA SAFARIS |  EXPERIENCE Birding Watching More than 600 species of birds were recorded in Tanzania, Serengeti can only be described as one of the premier birding destinations in East Africa. Northland Tanzania Safaris team is very eager on birds, which are everywhere during your ultimate adventure. The flits and twitters of […]

Night Game Drive

game 3 Night Game Drive

Night Game Drives NORTHLAND TANZANIA SAFARIS |  EXPERIENCE Explore after Dark! Much of Africa’s fauna are active in the darker hours, so why not experience a night game drive during your safari? You may be lucky enough to see some of the big cats on the hunt (leopard and lion are particularly active at night), […]

Family Vacation Ideas

family 3 Family Vacation Ideas

Family Vacation NORTHLAND TANZANIA SAFARIS |  EXPERIENCE Ideas for adventurous families If you think your children can handle the kind of wild experiences Tanzania can offer, we really recommend that families with children over 8 consider a more adventurous trip. Southern Tanzania is particularly ideal for adventurous families, as it has many small camps where […]

Conservation Projects

conservation 1 Conservation Projects

Conservation Education NORTHLAND TANZANIA SAFARIS |  EXPERIENCE Contribute to Conservation Efforts Conservation education is a crucial step towards inspiring and empowering (young) people to protect wildlife from extinction. It is also fundamental to the achievement of the goal of sustainable development. There is a great need for high-quality educational materials and activities that will change […]

Mountain Biking

bike 2 Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking NORTHLAND TANZANIA SAFARIS |  EXPERIENCE Cycle on Safari! An adventurous way to experience wildlife and culture in Tanzania! This activity is great for families and it’s available outside Lake Manyara National Park (Mto wa Mbu Village). Ask our team how and where you can include this in your itinerary!

Hot Air Ballooning

balloon 2 Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning NORTHLAND TANZANIA SAFARIS |  EXPERIENCE Float above Tanzania over the Tarangire and Serengeti National Park The essence of a hot air balloon safari Rise before the sun and prepare to take off on an exciting hot air balloon flight in the early light of dawn. Ascend to the heavens as the sun […]