After breakfast, we go to Kizimbani Village for the Spice Tour. The Spice Island has over forty of the most valuable tropical aromatic plants that were introduced over the last two centuries by the Oman Arabs. The spices are grown in the spice grades in the hills north of Stone Town. 

Our knowledgeable guides will take you through this fascinating tour. You will see tropical fruits such as jack fruits, breadfruits, carambola, pineapple, lychees, etc. You can try these fruits if they are in season.
Also, you can check out various plants such as henna bush, perfume tree, lipstick tree, and spice such as cardamom, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, nutmeg, and many others. The landscape around the Kizimbani will give you a good impression of the life of Zanzibar.

After the spice tour, we drive for 50 minutes (60 km) to the to your next beach relaxation at Kisiwa on the Beach.

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