When it comes to accommodation, we are picky or rather, selective. Accommodation is an important element of your safari. Being comfortable and relaxed enables you to have enjoyed your experience because you are rested and well taken care of by our company. We carefully select the lodges and camps for our safaris according to high-quality standards, and you can mix and match as you like, guided by our recommendations.

Although many of these lodges and camps are in the middle of nowhere, they offer all the bush comforts you need, like comfortable beds with clean linens and warm blankets if the nights get chilly. You will certainly be able to have a hot shower and you will have a private bathroom. Toilets differ from place to place; some are flush toilets like you would have at home, and other camps use eco-toilets.

At every camp or lodge, you will be given a tasty meal, and clean, safe drinking water, and there is usually a choice of several other beverages. The camp or lodge area is safe, and staff will be there to ensure your comfort and security. Tea and coffee are readily available, and you can ask for a wake-up call in the morning if you want to be served tea or coffee in your tent or room. Though it may be limited in some places, there is electricity to recharge camera batteries. Generally, you need to make a distinction between camps and lodges. Camps are very comfortable, but things like electricity or flush toilets may not be available everywhere.

High-end tented camps are exclusive – located in pristine areas, with excellent food and service and great attention to detail. Tented camps are not always permanent structures, they can move from one to the next location, depending on seasons, always following the migration, so you are likely to be amid where the wildlife action is! Spacious, beautifully furnished tents with en-suite bathrooms and very comfortable beds with amazing thread count this is not camping, it is luxury. 

Privacy and atmosphere in tented camps are excellent, they are usually very small no more than a dozen guests on average. And finally, it is not only the service and style that make for a very special experience; the environmental impact of a tented mobile camp is very limited, and not nearly as lasting or damaging as the impact of a permanent structure. Tented camps are an excellent option for this type of tourism as it is far more sustainable in terms of environmental impact.

As for lodges – the best possible safari experience is guaranteed if you are staying in small, exclusive places with a personal touch and an intimate atmosphere. We try to avoid the more anonymous, big chains of lodges. A lodge is like a small, boutique hotel with a touch of safari or a touch of Africa. Sometimes, an old farmhouse may have been converted into a lodge, for example.