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    George Munge

    George Munge

    Founder & Safari Expert

    George started Northland Tanzania Safaris in 2016, he was born and raised in Arusha region. Having studied wildlife tourism and management at African Wildlife Management College – Mweka in Tanzania he has worked in the bush in both Kenya and Tanzania. With vast experience across the country – everything from a close encounter with elephants in Tarangire, to the tracking of a lion pride in Serengeti, the discovery of amazing landscapes and the true wilderness of East Africa is most definitely his stomping ground.

    {Mara River} It is here where he has been fortunate to witness “the wildebeest crossing”. In his own words: “This is where a wildebeest applies for its visa to enter into Kenya and only the strongest are granted entry. The harsh reality is that many are washed downstream by the river current, some are trampled to death in the frenzy and others break legs attempting to get across, but nothing goes to waste and the crocodiles rely on this annual feast for their survival and watching the herds zig-zag across the Serengeti’s plains”,
    George has traveled extensively throughout East Africa, Europe and the United States, he understands safaris incredibly well and happy to help his clients find the right destination when organizing their truly memorable and authentic Tanzania safaris.

    George’s invites you to join him on a journey into the Ultimate Africa Adventure.