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Some inspiring ideas for your ideal African safari!

Though, keep in mind that we tailor all of our itineraries to meet your specific budget, preferences and dates of travel. While the below exemplify some amazing itineraries and we can arrange them as is, please note the prices may vary based on when you travel and what you’re looking to see/experience.

[trailer_box image=”6404″ title=”The Great Kenya & Tanzania Migration” link=””]
[trailer_box image=”6388″ title=”Best of Southern Tanzania” link=””]
[trailer_box image=”6395″ title=”Best of Northern Tanzania” link=””]
[trailer_box image=”6396″ title=”Birder’s Paradise” link=””]
[trailer_box image=”6289″ title=”Honeymoon & Romantic Safaris” link=””]
[trailer_box image=”6386″ title=”Traversing Tanzania” link=””]
[trailer_box image=”6385″ title=”Ultimate Walking Safaris” link=””]
[trailer_box image=”6290″ title=”Family Safari Kenya” link=””]
[trailer_box image=”6384″ title=”Calving Migration Safaris” link=””]
[trailer_box image=”6383″ title=”Safari WIth Cultural Hike” link=””]
[trailer_box image=”6392″ title=”Tanzania Odyssey Safari” link=””]
[trailer_box title=”Authentic Tanzania Safari” link=”” image=”6390″]
[trailer_box image=”6380″ title=”Tanzania Luxury Sky Safaris” link=””]
[trailer_box image=”6405″ title=”Tanzania Bush 2 Beach Safari” link=””]
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